Minnesota Licensing Boards


V. John Ella can assist you with the following Minnesota Licensing boards or governing bodies:

  • Minnesota Board of Barber Examiners
  • Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy
  • Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist Examiners
  • Minnesota Board of Dentistry
  • Minnesota Board of Dietetics and Nutrition Practice
  • Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board (EMSRB)
  • Health Professionals Services Program (HPSP)
  • Minnesota Board of Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Minnesota Board of Medical Practice
  • Minnesota Board of Nursing
  • Minnesota Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators
  • Minnesota Board of Optometry
  • Minnesota Board of Pharmacy
  • Minnesota State Board of Physical Therapy
  • Minnesota Board of Podiatric Medicine
  • Minnesota Board of  Psychology
  • State of Minnesota Board of Social Work
  • Minnesota Board of  Veterinary Medicine
  • Minnesota Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geo-science, and Interior Design
  • Minnesota Board of Private Detectives and Protective Agent Services
  • Minnesota State Board of Accountancy
  • Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (Formerly Minnesota Board of Teaching)
  • Minnesota State Board of Assessors
  • Minnesota Department of Commerce

Minnesota Cosmetology Board Lawsuit

Ziemer v. Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist Examiners

 On October 22, 2019, Minnesota professional licensing attorney V. John Ella with co-counsel David  W. Asp filed a lawsuit against the Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist Examiners on behalf of plaintiffs Cristina Ziemer, Ellyn Shun, Debra Carlson, Faces Etc of MN LLC and Melanie Rivers. The lawsuit, Ramsey County Court File No. 62-CV-19-7607, challenges license requirements for air and makeup artist on state and federal constitutional grounds. 

 Currently, in Minnesota, if you want to do a bride's hair and makeup on location before her wedding, you need two licenses and a special events permit, which requires passing four exams and finishing over 4,000 hours of training. But if you offer those exact same services for a bridal photoshoot, you don’t need any license whatsoever. 

Minnesota requires special event hair and makeup artists who only style hair and apply makeup at weddings and other special events to become licensed cosmetologists or estheticians, licensed salon managers and to get a special event services permit. To qualify for those licenses and permit, the Minnesota Cosmetology Board requires artists to spend 1,550 hours (for hair and makeup) or 600 hours (for only makeup) in cosmetology school, plus an additional 2,700 hours working in a salon and to pass four exams. 

This requirement only applies to special event hair and makeup artists who provide their services on location at weddings or for other special occasions. The Board has broadly exempted artists who provide the exact same services for photography, film, fashion, theater, media and retail.

For years, special event hair and makeup artists believed they were legally operating under the Board’s “photography” exemption. But in December 2018, the Board released a bulletin that declared that bridal services are not exempt, panicking artists who rely on bridal hair and makeup to earn a living. 

For more information, see articles about the lawsuit on Forbes , Minnesota Public Radio and The Center Square